Easily Digested Foods

Diet plays an important role to maintain the health of an individual. Irrespective of whether you are suffering from digestive disorder or not, foods that are easily digested should form a part of your meal. If you are aware of the most easily digested foods, then incorporating them in your meals will improve your digestive health. Such foods are quickly broken down by the digestive system and then eliminated periodically. They also enhance the activity of the digestive enzymes helping them to convert the complex molecules to simpler ones, being easily excreted by your body.

There are many reasons why doctors suggest consumption of most easily digestible foods. When a person is suffering from ill health, the performance of his digestive system slows down and he is not able to digest the foods completely. Foods that are easily digested are useful for the functioning of the digestive system. Most easily digestible foods also help in quick recovery by adding strength to the body. Such foods are low in cholesterol, enabling people suffering from heart and pancreatic diseases, maintain a sound health. People who have undergone surgery are also advised to consume such kinds for rapid development in health. Easily digested foods or soft diet are mostly rich in soluble fiber, required by people in a weight loss diet. The following content shall let you know the types of most easily digested foods.

List of Easily Digestible Foods

After reading the paras written above you must be thinking, 'what are easily digestible foods'? The answer is very simple. The most easily digestible foods are those that are easily assimilated by the body and at the same time they are rich in nutrients and minerals. They are healthy as well as nutritious. Healthy foods required by your body should contain adequate amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and fibers. Such foods are acted upon easily by the digestive enzymes, helping quick digestion. Considering the fat and carbohydrates, they should come from natural sources and should not be refined products. Complex carbohydrates are beneficial for body while simple carbohydrates are extremely harmful. Not only do they increase blood glucose level, but also takes longer time for digestion. Fats that are broken down fast are unsaturated fatty acids. You should consume a certain amount of poly and monounsaturated fatty acids everyday. One more important aspect is the fiber content of foods. Soluble fibers are acted upon by the digestive enzymes, converting them to a spongy mass, that is easily excreted from the body. Fruits and vegetables rich in soluble fiber help to clear constipation problems.

The interesting aspect is, fermented foods are also included in the easily digested food list. Such foods contain helpful bacteria that assist in digestion. Fruits and vegetables are highly recommended if you are suffering from any health disorder. Indigestion, gastritis, gall stones are conditions under which people are advised to intake light foods that can digested easily by the body. In the list of easy to digest foods, grains, cereals and pulses occupy a prominent position. They are rich sources of protein and complex carbohydrates. They also give energy to your body to perform various physical activities. Check out.

Fruits and vegetables containing fiber are easy to digest. They also help in speeding the digestion of other foodstuffs in the body. Therefore, fruits and vegetables containing fiber top the list of easily digestible foods. However, one should opt for cooked food rather than raw ones as cooked food is easy to digest. One should also note that fresh fruit juices get digested faster than raw cut fruits. The following are easy to digest vegetables and fruits:

* Apples
* Avocados
* Banana
* Blueberries
* Figs
* Pears
* Papaya
* Strawberries
* Fresh fruit juices

Easily Digestible Vegetables
Vegetables that are thoroughly cooked are easier to digest as compared to raw ones (like in salads). Specially, pulses and beans should be sprouted, steamed, germinated for quick digestion. One should also note that having large amount of pulses, beans and lentils can lead to digestive problems and hence, it is advisable to limit their intake. Other vegetables like potatoes, yams can be boiled and mashed and eaten. Here are vegetables that can be included in the list of easily digestible foods.

* Beans
* Carrots
* Kale
* Lentils
* Peas
* Potatoes
* Sweet potatoes
* Yams

Easily Digestible Foods: Other

Apart from the above mentioned ones, here are some more easy to digest foods that can be included in the easily digested food list.

* Whole grains
* Boiled rice
* Rice pasta
* Rice cakes and crackers
* Quinoa
* Millet
* Whole wheat bran
* Oats
* Toast
* Fish
* Skinless, boneless chicken
* Yogurt

Among these foods easy to digest, rice in any form (cooked properly) is the easiest food to digest. It is prescribed to people suffering from an illness; to people who have undergone a surgery; to babies; to older people, etc. Chicken and fish, when boiled, are also digested faster than when eaten in other forms. On the other hand, if you are wondering what are the foods that take a longer time to digest, then nuts, seeds, soy products, cabbage, maida (starch) or super fine wheat products, cake flour, wheat, rye, milk and milk products, etc., do not get digested quickly. Consuming these products everyday can lead to constipation. Therefore, it is advisable to include foods mentioned in the list of easily digestible foods in the diet everyday.

Apart from the diet changes, one also needs to make changes in one's lifestyle. It is recommended to have smaller and frequent meals (4-5/day) rather than going for 2 larger ones, to enhance digestion. Secondly, one should not lie down or sleep immediately after having meals as it can disrupt the process of digestion. It is better to have meals 1-2 hours prior to rest or any physical activity.

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