The new app that allows you to find your Android Phone


Google added a new service dedicated to Android Phones, allowing users to „find their phones”.

The app is not available for iPhones and iPads, only for smartphones that use Android operating system.

Users can „Google” their lost phone and they have the possibility to search for a misplaced phone of tablet and find out where it’s ended up.

All you have to do is to log in your wandering device using a Google account, with the Google App previously installed.  If you lose track of you Android device after doing the above process, you can go to on any browser, log in and type in the words “find my phone.” Then, a map pops with you phone’s location. In order for this to work, the device needs to be on and have some sort of internet connection.

You can also choose to ring if you can’t find it at home or anywhere else.

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